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Category: Samples

Sample - Create tables


Creates sample tables in the current page

Sample - Insert Tags


Inserts all possible tags on a new page

Sample Insert Text


Inserts text at the current position

Sample Notebook/Section/Page PickerSamples

by Omer Atay

Sample macro showing how to allow user pick a notebook, then a section, than a page

Last Updated: July 31, 2016

Sample Notebook/Section/Page Picker

Select a notebook

Sample - Create a new page


Creates a new page in the current section with given title and some text content

Sample Create Section Hierarchy


Creates a sample section group/section hierarchy

Sample - Custom Sort Notebooks


Sort notebooks by after the first 6 characters of name

Sample - Insert Bold Text Then Place Cursor After a Space


Inserts bold text at the current position, then adds a space and places cursor after that

Sample - Move Last Row To TopSamples

by Omer Atay

Sample macro showing how to rearrange rows in a table

Last Updated: November 25, 2016

Sample - Move Last Row To Top

Please select a table for this macro

Sample - Insert Styled Paragraph


Inserts a paragraph for each built-in OneNote style into the current page

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