Insert Horizontal Line between Paragraphs

Inserts a horizontal line between each of the selected paragraphs


Author(s) : Onetastic ★
Category : Horizontal Line
Last Updated : January 25, 2017
Requirements : OneNote 2010 or above
Changelog :

January 25, 2017 (B1F4CB) - Onetastic ★
Fixed an issue where this macro wouldn't work if there are multiple Outlines on the page.

June 20, 2016 (D0F429) - Onetastic ★
Re-written with the new Macro Language to take advantage of cleaner syntax and performance improvements

These versions are no longer supported:

February 11, 2014 - Onetastic ★
Initial version


Omer Atay - 2017-01-25
Anonymous: This macro had an issue when there are multiple Outlines on the page. This is now fixed. Please download it again and give it a try.
Anonymous - 2017-01-25
How does this work? I've tried selecting the paragraphs before and after running the macro as well as before and after the prompt. I don't understand what to do.