Import Word documents as Editable Rich Text

December 18, 2023

Onetastic Batch File Import tool now can import Word documents as editable rich text into OneNote, in addition to the previous import mode of printouts. This is added as an option under Printout Options:

Batch File Import Printout Options

Here you can choose whether you want all Word documents to be imported as printout or editable rich text. Printouts will preserve the layout and formatting of Word documents, but they are imported as images, and as such they are not editable, although still searchable. If you want to be able to edit the imported document, choose the editable rich text option, which will not preserve the layout and formatting exactly but you will be able to edit them in OneNote.

Alternatively, you can choose to be asked for each document. If you choose this option, you will be presented the following dialog upon import of a Word document:

Batch File Import Word document import options dialog

In this dialog you can also chose to apply your choice to all Word document as part of this import, without changing the global default setting.

Import HTML title as page title

In this update there is also an additional setting to import HTML titles as page titles in OneNote. When importing each file into a separate OneNote page, the page title is normally set to the file name. You can choose to instead set it to the title of the HTML files you import. This new option is available under Settings > Batch File Import Options > HTML Options:

Batch File Import HTML Options


Philippe J. Bruno - 2024-03-17
I just tried importing a Word document as editable rich text into OneNote... There seems to be a problem with documents in languages other than English. For exemple, all the French accented characters (é, è, ê, à, etc.) were replaced by Chinese symbols, rendering the text barely readable and definitely unusable.
TheOutlaw - 2024-01-10
Looking through the documentation (especially the object model) and experimenting a bit, it is not clear how to move the insertion point (cursor). When I insert some text, the text is selected after the macro has run what I wish to do is to left the insertion point immediately after the text which the macro has inserted.

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