Sorting options and time of the day in OneCalendar

December 17, 2023

An update to OneCalendar brings many user requested features to the popular OneNote add-in:

Sorting Options

You can now sort the pages in the calendar view by one of the following options:

The default sort order is Created Date. To change the sort order, use the Sort Options button at the bottom right of OneCalendar window: OneCalendar sorting options

Time of the day in week and day views

Time of the day for the pages in calendar will now be displayed in OneCalendar week and day views automatically:

OneCalendar time of the day

Option to display section name

OneCalendar displays the name of the page in the calendar. If you want, you can now have the name of the section that contains the page to be displayed along with it. This option is available under Settings:

Show section names option



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