Printout Improvements for Batch File Import

September 05, 2023

Onetastic Batch File Import is a powerful tool that can import files and folders into OneNote in batch. It can also import Word, PowerPoint, and PDF files as printouts. With a new update, it gets some frequently requested improvements to its printout support:

Printout Resolution

Batch File Import can now import printouts at a higher resolution than before, so detailed PDFs can still show up with crisp quality in OneNote. You can choose the resolution from the Printout Options under Settings menu:

Printout Options

The higher the resolution, the crisper and more readable the printout will be, however, this will increase file size of the imported printouts and as such, it will take more space on disk and take longer to sync to cloud. A good middle ground is a resolution between 200% and 300%, which will give you high enough quality (you can then zoom up to 200% or 300% in OneNote without it getting blurry) and a reasonable file size.

Password Protected PDFs

Prior to this update, if Batch File Import encountered a password protected PDF file, and it is configured to insert it as a printout, it would fail and stop the whole import process. With this update, it will offer several options to proceed with the import:

Password Protected PDF dialog

In this dialog, you can provide the password for the given PDF file, and optionally choose to use the same password for the remaining password protected PDF files. If you choose the latter option, Batch File Import will try the password to the next password protected PDF file and will ask you again if that password doesn't work. You can also choose to skip importing this particular PDF as a printout, skip importing all password protected PDFs as a printout, or stop the import process. If the skip option is selected, Batch File Import will still import the password protected PDF files as attachments or file paths if these are selected in import settings.


Andrew - 2023-10-19
About the Rotate Printout function, my most common use case is that my scanner has scanned a page upside down that requires 180 degree rotation. It would be nice if 180 degree rotation were available as a single menu item rather than having to rotate by 90 degrees twice (or flip both Horizontal and Vertical). Thank you.
Onetastic ★ - 2023-09-27
kinop: There is a similar macro here: You can probably create one based on that. You would need to change how it identifies the target section.
kinop - 2023-09-27
Hi there, is it possible to create a macro that organizes notes in my main tab, and moves them to other tabs based on text in the name of the page?
I have a main tab named INBOX, where i create all my new notes. I then have multiple tabs for different subjects. And i move manually all my notes to the corresponding tabs. So for instance I may create a new note [soccer] how to play , and another note [soccer] penalty kicks and then, I would manually move both to the tab SOCCER. I wonder if I can create a macro with Onetastic that will do that automatically (moving all pages in INBOX to the different tabs according to the text in brackets in the name of page.  

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