Image Utilities

Onetastic has several features related to images:

Crop Crop

You can crop images in OneNote with the right-click menu item that comes with Onetastic. Simply right-click on the image and choose Crop and drag the corners to the desired size: Crop

Select text from image Select Text From Image

With this feature, you can select and copy text from images in OneNote Select text from image

Rotate/Flip Rotate/Flip Printouts

In OneNote, you can rotate images, but not printouts. Onetastic closes this gap as well: Rotate/Flip

Cleanup printouts Cleanup Printouts

When you delete a page of a multi-page printout, OneNote will display a message at the top of the page that reads: One or more pages of the Printout below are hidden. To remove this message, delete all pages of the Printout below This message tries to tell you that the file that backs the printout still contains the pages you deleted, so if you were to share the OneNote page with someone else, they can still extract those pages. However many users found the message confusing and there is no way to get rid of it even if you fully understand what it is trying to say. Onetastic provides a button on the ribbon to clean up the backing document for the printout by removing the pages you deleted from the file and remove the message. Note that this feature is only available in OneNote 2010 as the issue was fixed in OneNote 2013.

Cleanup printouts

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