Onetastic Developer Tools

Onetastic Developer Tools allow developing and debugging macros for Onetastic. They are available through Onetastic Dev license
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Macro Debugger

Macro Editor allows running macros step by step under the debugger via the Debug > Start Debugging (F10) command or the Debug > Run under Debugger (F5) command. This will switch the editor into the debugger mode and will display the next statement with a  yellow background, activate the Object Browser with local variables:

Macro Debugger

Once in the debugger mode, you can step through the macro and see the local variables in the Object Browser. Following menu and toolbar will appear in debug mode:

Macro Editor Debug Toolbar


You can set a breakpoint on a statement using Toggle Breakpoint button or the F9 key. This works both in the editor and in the debugger. The statements with a breakpoint will show with a  maroon background  and the debugger will stop when it hits one of the breakpoints.

Object Browser

Macro Debugger automatically displays the Object Browser on the right. Object Browser allows browsing OneNote hierarchy under Current Page, Section, Section Group, Notebook and under all notebooks. This way you can look into how the objects and their properties are stored in OneNote. This is also useful while editing a macro and can be activated using Debug > Object Browser (Ctrl+J). Object Browser displays local variables currently in use in the macro under Locals section, allowing you to see the types and values of them.


Watch the short video below to learn more about how to use these tools:

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