Custom Styles

OneNote has a fixed set of styles that cannot be changed and new styles cannot be added.

OneNote Styles

Onetastic adds a Custom Styles feature to OneNote where you can create new styles and reuse them when you want to quickly format your text:

Custom Styles

Creating New Custom Styles

To create new custom styles, first style a piece of text as you want, then click on Custom Styles > Save Selection as Custom Style, which will display the following dialog:

Custom Styles Dialog

This dialog allows you to give your custom style a name. You can also select a style you previously created and overwrite using the drop down. Second, the dialog shows all the applied style information on the selection and you get to choose which ones you want in the custom style. For instance in this case the selection had bold/italic, left aligned, Calibri 11 red etc. If you only want the style definition to be: Apply bold and italic, and not about the font, color etc. you can deselect all but the Apply Bold and Apply Italic. As you do so, you will see that the preview is updated. For example if you deselect Color (red), then the preview text will turn black.

Once you are satisfied with your style definition, you can click OK and the new style will be added to the gallery, with the same preview you have seen in the dialog.

Modifying Existing Custom Styles

Modifying an existing custom style is very similar to creating a new one. To do so, again style a piece of text as you want in OneNote and then click on Custom Styles > Save Selection as Custom Style. On the Custom Styles dialog (shown above), choose an existing style in the dropdown and click OK. This will overwrite the existing style and this way you can modify custom styles.

Deleting Custom Styles

To delete an existing custom style, click on Custom Styles > Manage Custom Styles. Then choose an existing custom style and click Delete. Manage Custom Styles Dialog

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