How to Download and Install Macros

You can find lots of macros at Macroland. You can browse the list of these macros either from the website or from the Download Macros button in OneNote:

Macroland and Download Macros

Downloading and Installing from within OneNote

Easiest way to install or try macros is to choose one or more macros from the Download Macros window in OneNote. Download Macros window comes with the same list of macros in Macroland:

Download Macros Window


Here you can search macros by typing into the search box or browsing the list. You can select a macro to see its details:

Download Macros Window - Selected Macro


In this view you can click on and this will download and install the macro.

After installing, you can find and execute this macro from the ribbon. It will show up under the category it is installed in, in this case Calendar:

Calendar dropdown

If you want to just try and see what the macro does without installing, you can click on and this will close the window and start executing this macro without adding it to your ribbon.

Also if you would like to inspect the source code for this macro, you can click on and the macro code will be loaded into the Macro Editor window.

You can also download and install multiple macros at once by selecting multiple macros from the list. See more about this here: Downloading Multiple Macros at Once

Downloading and Installing from Macroland Website

You can also browse the macros on Macroland. For instance the macro page for Insert Monthly Calendar macro is at This page is very similar to the macro details window in OneNote. Additionally it has links to related macros and a form to add comments to the macro.

Macro Page

If you click on the Download button on this page, it will open the same macro details window inside OneNote and you can install it the same way as above.

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