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How to Remove Macros

If you downloaded some macros that you don't need any more, you can remove them:

If you need to remove one or more macros, the easiest way is to use Download Macros button on the ribbon:

Download Macros Button Download Macros Window


Here click on and this will switch to the Installed Macros view:

Installed Macros


In this view, you can select one or more macros and then click on or to remove the selected macros.

Uninstall Macros

Removing Macros Using Macro Editor

It is also possible to remove macros using the Macro Editor. In this method, you have to remove macros one by one. First click on Edit Macros from Home ribbon tab and select the macro you want to remove. If you have choosen to display macros in a separate Macros tab, then Edit Macros button will be in that ribbon tab. Edit Macros Dropdown

On the Macro Editor window that shows up, click on File > Delete to remove the macro.

Macro Editor - Delete Button

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