How to Activate Onetastic Pro or Dev License

First make sure to upgrade to the latest version of Onetastic. Your product key may not work on an earlier version of Onetastic. The latest version of Onetastic is 5.1.0.

Once you installed the latest version of Onetastic, click on Settings menu on your Macros group in Home tab or in Macros tab in the ribbon:

Settings Menu
You can see at the bottom where it says Onetastic 5.1.0. You can use this button to activate your license if you purchased Onetastic Pro or Dev license. When you click on the button, it will display the license dialog: License Dialog After clicking , you can enter your e-mail address and product key to activate Onetastic Pro; Product Key Entry Dialog After you activate, this menu item will indicate that you now have Onetastic Pro (or Dev): Onetastic Pro Indicator

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