License Deployment Types

Onetastic installer accepts a configuration file to run silently and to deploy Pro or Dev licenses automatically.

Licenses can be deployed for one of the two different activation models:

Client Deployment

This type is for deploying into client computers where a single user uses the computer. The license will be activated for that user and in case the computer is re-imaged and the license needs to be re-activated, Onetastic will automatically recognize that it is the same computer and de-activate old activations to make room for the new activation.

Client deployment is the default for interactive installations where there is no configuration file. Do not use client deployment for server installations explained below. Client deployment only allows one user per computer to be activated at a time. If a second user activates the license with client deployment, it will automatically de-activate the first user.

Server Deployment

This type is for deploying into a server computer where multiple users connect to the computer remotely and use the software potentially simultaneously. Server deployments allow multiple users on the same computer to activate the license without deactivating each other.

Do not use server deployment on client machines where only a single user will use the computer at all times. Doing so will prevent Onetastic from de-activating old license activations for that user when re-activating after a re-install.

Specifying License Deployment Type

You can specify whether you want to use the "client" or the "server" type using a Installation Configuration File.

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