Edit Macros in your Favorite Code Editor with Onetastic 6

July 04, 2024

Onetastic 6 is now available with the ability to edit macros in your favorite code editor, significantly improving the experience of macro editing. Onetastic Macro Editor allows you to inspect existing macro code and debug them. To edit macros it now integrates with external code editors. Macro Editor comes with built in support for popular code editors like VSCode and NotePad++. When opening a macro, Macro Editor will offer opening the macro with an external editor of your choice:

External Editor Dialog

Once you open the macro in the external editor, you can now edit the macro and as you save the file in the external editor, Macro Editor will import and update the current macro. If you prefer a different editor than available in this list, you can click on the button to add a new external editor and use that.

You can also use the toolbar or menus of Macro Editor, or the F2 shortcut to open your macros in an external editor for editing your macros. In the Edit menu, the following options provide access to this functionality:

Edit Menu

In the toolbar the first button is used to launch external editors or manage them:

External Editor Button

Below is a quick flow of editing macros via an external editor:

Finish Editing in External Editor

While you are editing your macro in the external editor, you can return to Macro Editor and debug your macro. Don't forget to save the macro in the external editor so that it can import the latest changes. Once you are done editing in the external editor, you can close the file and click on Finish Editing button in the toolbar or the Edit menu so that Macro Editor stops monitoring the file edited by the external editor.

Finish Editing Button

Managing External Editors

To manage all the external editors, click on Manage External Editor, either from the Edit menu or the toolbar. This will open the following dialog:

Manage External Editors Dialog

Here you can add, remove, and change the order of external editors.

Onetastic 5 Macro Editor

In case of any compatibility issues, the Onetastic 5 Macro Editor is still accessible from Macro Editor options for the time being.


dereksimonet - 2024-07-08
Nice!  I'll have to check this out later.

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