Microsoft Brings back Mainstream Support for OneNote 2016

November 04, 2019

Today Microsoft announced that it will extend mainstream support for OneNote 2016, reversing their earlier decision to stop adding new features to OneNote 2016. This means you can continue to use OneNote 2016 and enjoy the benefits of Onetastic for the foreseeable future. OneNote 2016's support dates are being aligned to that of Office 2019. Office 365 subscriptions are being also updated to include OneNote 2016 by default in the near future.

You can find the announcement at:

There is also an FAQ about the announcement available at:


Darwin - 2020-03-18
Will Onetastic be compatible with Office 365?  When I check out a OneNote section from our SharePoint site and try to use the sort macros I get a message about the section being read only.  Is that caused by Office 365 or am I not doing something correctly?
Imagineer44 - 2020-03-08
Great news! I use OneNote off the grid all summer in a fire lookout and was concerned about losing support.
Jim Travers - 2020-02-20
I use the daily planner macro. Is there a macro or a way to include outlook's calendar and task list to the page?

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