Pro ($15)

Image Crop/Rotate/Select Text
Custom Styles
Favorites/Pin to Desktop
Develop Macros using Macro Editor
Download and Run Macros For a trial period On up to two PCs (e.g. a desktop and a laptop)
as long as only you are using it
Free Download Go Pro

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Trial Period

Downloading macros from Macroland and executing macros will require Pro license after a trial period. The trial period depends on usage rather than time. A user that needs to execute a few macros occasionally may end up never requiring a Pro license. Onetastic will mention when your trial is expiring and when you require a Pro license.

Downloading Macros

Onetastic Pro allows you to download macros available in Macroland at the time of purchase plus one year. For instance if you purchase a Pro license today, all macros currently in Macroland and all the macros that will be added and updated for the following 365 days will be available for download. After this period newly added macros will require a new Pro license. However you can continue to download older macros. Note that older macros can be updated with new features or macros be removed from Macroland. Therefore there are no guarantees that any particular macro will be available forever.