Pro ($15)

Dev ($60)

Basic Features
Unlimited Macro Usage (*)
  • Download all Macros available at the time of purchase
  • Execute Macros unlimited number of times
  • 1 year free Macro upgrades (**)

Download up to 20 Macros
Execute up to 500 times
Develop Macros (***)
Basic Macro Editor
for simple macros

Basic Macro Editor
for simple macros
Renewal N/A Can be renewed at
$15 / year
for macro updates (**)
Can be renewed at $15 / year
for macro updates and
certain features (****)
Each license can be activated on N/A Up to two PCs as long as only you are using it
(e.g. a desktop and a laptop)
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Volume discount and site licenses are available. See this page for more information

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* Free vs. Pro

Free version of Onetastic allows downloading up to 20 macros from Macroland and executing them up to 500 times. That would allow an infrequent user of macros (e.g. running 10 macros a week) to use it for about one year without need for a Pro license. If you want to use more macros, you can purchase a Pro license.

** 1 Year Free Macro Updates - Pro License Renewal

Onetastic Pro allows you to download macros available in Macroland at the time of purchase plus free macro updates for one year. After one year Pro licenses can be renewed at $15/year to continue downloading new macros or macro updates.

*** Pro vs. Dev

Dev license includes everything in Pro license plus additional developer tools to help develop macros. These include User Defined Functions (****), Undo/Redo Support, Multi-line Cut/Copy/Paste Support and the debugging tools Macro Debugger and Object Browser. It is still possible to develop simple macros without these tools but for any serious macro development, these developer tools are essential. If you already have a Pro license, you can upgrade it to a Dev license which will also extend your 1 year free macro updates for an additional year.

**** Dev License Renewal

Certain features in the Macro Editor (like User Defined Functions) require an active Dev license which expires after 1 year. Dev licenses can be renewed at $15/year.