Multi-Select and Cut/Copy/Paste Support in Macro Editor

May 01, 2018
With today's update, you can now select multiple lines of code together in Macro Editor and then move, delete or expand/collapse them together. You can also cut or copy multiple lines of code and then paste them elsewhere in the same macro or to another macro. You can even paste copied code with syntax highlighting into Word or OneNote.

Cut/Copy/Paste of multiple lines requires a Onetastic Dev license. Here is a little demonstration of the new capabilities (no audio):


Direct Access to Page Title

Today's update also includes a few small additions to the macro language: Page.title and Page.hasTitle properties and Title.paragraph property.

Page.title property represents the title area of the page that contains the title bar, date and time. Accessing this object will create the page title if it doesn't already exist. You can use Page.hasTitle property to check whether a title already exists or not.

Title.paragraph property gives access to the single paragraph that is in the title. These properties will make it easier to set or retrieve the title of a page:

$page = GetCurrentPage()

$page.title.paragraph.text = "Hey!"

Macro Logging Deprecated

Before developer tools like Macro Debugger and Object Browser existed, you could get a log of a macro execution through Settings/Enable Macro Debugging. With the introduction of powerful developer tools this feature is now deprecated and will be removed in a future update.


Omer Atay - 2018-05-24
Trina: Win 10 app does not support add-ins currently. So we cannot develop Onetastic for it. OneNote 2016 will still be supported till 2025. It just won't get new features. We will continue to develop and support Onetastic as long as OneNote 2016 is supported by Microsoft. If Microsoft adds add-in support for Win 10 app it may be possible for us to develop Onetastic for it.
Trina M MacDonald - 2018-05-24
I'm just curious if Microsoft's announcement about sunsetting OneNote 2016 (eventually) and moving to OneNote (365 version) means anything for developing macros for OneNote? I've only ever used 2016 on the desktop, so just need to know if the plan is to be able to edit and create macros that will work with the 365 version. Thanks!
Rami Abdullah - 2018-05-18
I hope that you add the Arabic language

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