Onetastic 4 is Available with User Defined Functions

March 01, 2019

Onetastic 4 is available with support for user defined functions. You can now add new functions with parameters in your macro and call them to re-use code and simplify your macro. This allows writing macros that do much more with less code than before especially in problems with recursive nature (e.g. macros dealing with section group hierarchy or nested tables).

Adding User Defined Functions to Macros

Macro Editor is updated for adding and editing your own functions. You can see how this works in the short recording below:

Debugging Macros with User Defined Functions

The debugger can now step into and out of user defined functions. A callstack is displayed in the debugger and you can see return values of both user defined and built-in functions in Object Browser during debugging to help investigate and identify problems:

Menus and Toolbar

Macro Editor's user interface is fully updated with menus and toolbars. You can now open macros or create new ones directly from inside the editor. A full list of menu items and their explanations can be found in the documentation.


Editing and debugging macros with user defined functions requires an active Onetastic Dev license. Licenses purchased for Onetastic 3.X.X releases will continue to work on Onetastic 4.


Sticky - 2019-04-29
I understand the issues with shared libraries: security, versioning, testing, etc.

How about flipping it around?

How about allowing me to define multiple functions that can be bound to multiple menu items from the same XML file?    That way I could create one bundle of all of the macros I am working on, and ensure that all have the latest and greatest versions of my "library" functions.
Omer Atay - 2019-04-13
A Glew: Any variables are local to their functions, there are no global variables. User defined libraries would be a useful addition but they are complicated as they need to be shared along with the macro when uploading to Macroland and have to be versioned and any changes would need to be tested for all macros that use them.
A Glew - 2019-04-12
Thanks very much for user defined functions.  They enable much more compact and powerful OneTastic macros.

But how about?:

A) Local variables within functions

B) Libraries of functions that can be shared between macros?
(Currently I am creating a "master macro" with my function library, changing what Main calls, and the Macro info, each time saved.)


Really, I should stop playing with OneTastic, and use a real programming language to write extensions to OneNote.

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