Volume Discount

If you are purchasing Onetastic Pro or Dev licenses for multiple users, you can get a volume discount. A tiered volume discount is applied to purchases of more than 5 users. Below are the number of users and prices for each tier. All licenses must be purchased at once and must be used by a single user, household or company to get the discount. Enter the number of users below to see the explanation of how the price is calculated.

Tier Pro Price Dev Price
First 5 users (1-5) $15 per user $60 per user
Next 5 users (6-10) $11 per user $44 per user
Next 10 users (11-20) $10 per user $40 per user
Next 30 users (21-50) $9 per user $36 per user
Next 50 users (51-100) $8 per user $32 per user
Each user after that (101+) $7.50 per user $30 per user
License Type: 
Number of Users: 


Site Licenses

Following unlimited single site and worldwide licenses are available:
Part NumberDescriptionPrice
ONT3PROUAPLOnetastic Pro Unlimited Single Site License$2250
ONT3PROWAPLOnetastic Pro Unlimited Worldwide License$9000
ONT3DEVUAPLOnetastic Dev Unlimited Single Site License$9000
ONT3DEVWAPLOnetastic Dev Unlimited Worldwide License$36000