Macro Editor with Undo Support

March 30, 2018

With a new update today, Macro Editor gains the ability to undo and redo changes you are making while editing macros. The new Undo and Redo features can be accessed through:

  1. Ctrl+Z and Ctrl+Y keyboard shortcuts
  2. The Undo/Redo buttons Macro Editor with Undo/Redo buttons highlighted
  3. Using undo history menu (little down arrows next to Undo/Redo buttons):
The undo history menus can be used to perform multiple undo steps at once. Just click on one of the recent items to undo all operations up to and including that operation.

Undo/Redo feature is available under Onetastic Dev License.


Juliet - 2018-04-23
Thank you so much! Easy installation and Calendar Macro looks great :)
Omer Atay - 2018-04-11
Todd: RegEx currently is not supported
Todd - 2018-04-11
I see that there is a macro for Search & Replace. Looking through it with the Macro Editor I see the QueryText built-in function, so I'm curious if Regular Expressions are possible as part of this built-in. Interested in generating some macros, but I already know that I need RegEx to pull off what I have in mind.

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