How to Deploy Onetastic Pro License Automatically

Onetastic installer accepts a configuration file to run silently and to deploy Pro or Dev licenses automatically. A configuration file that deploys a Pro license looks like this:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <Config> <License type="client"> <Email></Email> <ProductKey>AAAAA-12345-BBBBB-67890-CCCCC</ProductKey> </License> </Config>

Configuration files must be in UTF-8 encoding. Below is the explanation for the fields in the XML file:

Field Description
type The license type. Can be "client" or "server". See more information here.
Email The e-mail address used during the purchase of the license
ProductKey Your product key

Passing Configuration File from the Command Line

To pass the configuration file to the installer from the command line, use the /config option:

OnetasticInstaller.exe /config c:\path\to\the\config.xml

Activation for Deployed Licenses

Licenses deployed through a configuration file will be activated automatically and silently when user performs an operation that requires a license. It can also be manually activated following the activation instructions.

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