How to Prevent Users from Getting Update Notifications

Applies to: Onetastic version 4.8.0 or above

Onetastic notifies users when there is a new version available. It also notifies when one or more macros they use have and update. You can disable these update checks using a deployment configuration file. Since update checks are user configurable, you can also specify if you want to prevent users from changing these settings.

Following is an example configuration file to restrict these options:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <Config> <Features> <UpdateChecks> <Onetastic disabled="true" allowUserToChange="false" /> <Macros disabled="true" allowUserToChange="false" /> </UpdateChecks> </Features> </Config>

Configuration files must be in UTF-8 encoding. After installing with this configuration file, user won't have the option to check for updates or change update notification settings.

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