How to Arrange Macros on the Ribbon

When you download macros by default they go at the end of your Home ribbon tab. Each macro category becomes a dropdown button that contains the macros in that category.

OneNote Home Ribbon

If you install too many macros from too many categories, or your screen is not large enough, you may find that your macro icons don't fit there anymore and OneNote automatically switches to small icons for the dropdowns, which makes them hard to identify:

OneNote Home Ribbon when there are too many macros

In this case there are two options under Tools and Settings > OneNote Options that you can try:

  1. Compact Mode
  2. Show in a Separate Tab
Macro Display Options

Compact Mode

If you want to keep your macros in the home tab but want a more compact layout, you can try the Compact Mode. This will put all the macros under a single dropdown with categories as sub headers.

Compact Mode in Ribbon

Macros Tab

If you want don't want all the macros in a single dropdown and still need more space, you can try the Show in a Separate Tab option. This will create a new ribbon tab titled Macros and move all the macros there.

Macros Tab in Ribbon

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