Sublime Theme with // Comments

Makes the background color of the page dark gray and converts existing text to white. Based on the Sublime text editor. This version also recolors bulleted and numbered lists, and converts lines starting with // to light green.


Author(s) : ktjn
Category : Background
Last Updated : January 29, 2018
Requirements : OneNote 2010 or above
Screenshot :

Sublime Theme with // Comments

Changelog :

January 29, 2018 (20292B) - ktjn
Initial Version


JordanM - 2018-03-23
Update: To be fair, it's not exactly a 'theme'
Works well for mass converting sections & it's definitely a breath of fresh air that's got me back into using OneNote after staying away from the bright terror for a while.

Suddenly colored text has a lot more meaning.
I tweaked the macro settings to use my preferred colors. I'm wondering if there's a good way to include URL re-color?

Thanks for the effort on this!
JordanM - 2018-03-23
This is a great theme but it would be great if it "stayed" applied. It works for existing text, but it has to be re-run to apply to new text.