Date Modifier for Imported Email from Outlook

This macro is essentially a modified version of the "Outlook Email Date Stamp" by Omer Atay and JasonDaSilva. The modification is that the user prompt is in french and the macro works for e-mails in french and german. It should also work for italian but it wasn't tested. As of early 2020, imported e-mails seem to have some information in english (namely the fields such as "sent", "from", and so on) even though the system and program were installed in a different language. Therefore the macro got adapted to handle e-mails with english fields, even though it should have been in another of the available languages. Description of the original macro: "This macro will change the creation date of each page in the current section with the time the email was sent, allowing them to be sorted by the email date. This has been made specifically for emails sent to OneNote from Outlook."


Author(s) : Patrick Siggen
Category : EMail
Last Updated : February 21, 2020
Requirements : OneNote 2010 or above
Screenshot :

Date Modifier for Imported Email from Outlook

Cette macro va modifier la date de création de la page par celle de l'envoi de l'e-mail importé. Veuillez choisir la langue dans laquelle la date de l'e-mail a été formatée ainsi que la portée de la macro.
Portée de la macro
Changelog :

March 28, 2020 (2476D4) - Patrick Siggen
For information on what the macro does, please read its description. For information on what this update changes, please keep reading. The macro has been revised as follows : - there is an information box upon running the macro with the option to hide it with a checkbox - there is no language selection (between the 3 supported ones, which are german, french and italian) anymore as there is no longer a need for that info - there is the possibility to have the order of the date by day/month/year or year/month/day

February 21, 2020 (4EA833) - Patrick Siggen
Added handling for fields that are in english when an e-mail is imported (issue as of early 2020).

May 29, 2018 (1A687C) - Patrick Siggen
Modifies title by adding date and time of e-mail to it.

April 21, 2018 (D56F2B) - Patrick Siggen
Initial Version