Reset Container Size

Resets the container size back to automatic after forever losing the auto-width property due to manually resizing the note container.


Author(s) : DavidIQ
Category : Content
Last Updated : September 13, 2016
Requirements : OneNote 2010 or above
Changelog :

September 13, 2016 (F7CE4B) - DavidIQ
Initial Version


Omer Atay - 2018-09-19
jiripolacek: This would only work if there is a single container on the page and nothing else. Do you have multiple containers or other objects on the page? When the page contains anything more than a single container (and the title), OneNote would lock sizes and positions of objects and containers won't change width when resizing the window.
jiripolacek - 2018-09-19

this macro doesn't work as expected.

New container on small screen changes width to fit (no horizontal scrollbar appears).
Your container has always the same width and horizontal scrollbar appears.

Please fix it.