Add icon to page title

Adds an icon (emoji) to the front of the title, for easy reference of page type. For example, use "✉" as the first character to easily identify pages created from emails.


Author(s) : linag, Onetastic ★, John Johnson
Category : Content
Last Updated : August 12, 2023
Requirements : OneNote 2010 or above
Screenshot :

Add icon to page title

Select an icon to add
Changelog :

August 12, 2023 (8100FC) - linag
added some fun emoticons, pizza, skull, bar graph, calendar, memo, etc

February 14, 2019 (CFE379) - Onetastic ★
Added Phone Call icon

December 28, 2018 (2D3732) - Onetastic ★
Added Meeting icon. Also now remembers the last selected icon

April 23, 2017 (9BD2F7) - John Johnson
Initial Version


dbb - 2023-04-03
Thanks, I use this macro regularly.
I have a request.
can it be updated to include a printer icon to identify pages where there is a document printout?
thanks in advance.
Michael Rich - 2021-04-21
Thanks for the macro - makes it really easy to visually separate pages.

Where can I find the icons/glyphs you are using?  Would like to see what other ones are out there.
Darryl BB - 2019-02-18
thanks for updating with Phone icon