Remove Empty Lines from Selection

Removes empty lines from Selection (moves them to the bottom)


Author(s) : Shaman
Category : Content
Last Updated : March 22, 2018
Requirements : OneNote 2010 or above
Changelog :

March 22, 2018 (A04F72) - Shaman
Initial Version


Anonymous - 2018-03-24
To RGreen:
- CR/LF - I'l try to change using "Trim" function into my own analysis of string.
- OneTastic do not allow deleting XML elements from page, so it's the question to Omer.
RGreen - 2018-03-23
also include an option to either
(o) move empty lines to the end of selection (current default)
(o) ignore / drop empty lines all together
RGreen - 2018-03-23
Very useful, thanks!
Just wanted to comment / suggest: the removal currently applies ONLY to empty lines that were generated using the RETURN key (carriage return) and DOES NOT apply to empty lines generated using the SHIFT + RETURN keys (line feed).
Perhaps an option (with some default) to selectively include one and/or the other would be helpful, e.g.
[X] remove CR
[X] remove LF