Code mode

Changes the text style to code (Consolas 10 pt, with a very light background, reminiscent of Evernote Code Blocks). Works even when no text is selected.


Author(s) : Onetastic ★, TomasFiers
Category : Code
Last Updated : March 21, 2019
Requirements : OneNote 2010 or above
Changelog :

March 21, 2019 (894BB1) - Onetastic ★
Updated to disable spell checking from the text

May 02, 2017 (CC6300) - TomasFiers
Initial Version


Lisa - 2021-09-08
Hi, How can I cancel the code mode in the same page, once in code mode, I am not able to go back to normal mode?
Offaksis - 2019-03-25
Thanks @Omer!
For interest, i looked where you put that expression
Omer Atay - 2019-03-21
Offaksis: I updated the macro to disable spell checking. You would need to re-download it.