Simple timer, click first time to activate the timer (a DialogBox will appear) and then press everytime you want to insert the timer. Useful for taking notes while recording the lecture.


Author(s) : mc
Category : Timer
Last Updated : March 01, 2018
Requirements : OneNote 2010 or above
Screenshot :


Timer is on
Changelog :

March 01, 2018 (D387A5) - mc
Initial Version


Scott - 2023-02-03
yep, doesn't work. What a shame. Big need for this for many poeple
c - 2022-08-02
It is definitely a useful tool, but somehow it doesn't work.

I an only activate it once, and for, now, every time i click on it, it gives me something like -14:12:31 or -14:12:35.

It seems that i can not reactivate it.

please fix it thx.
Anonymous - 2020-01-19
Someone found out how to stop it?