Expand/Collapse Outlines

Toggle Expand/Collapse, or expand to the selected outlines to the chosen level (Level 1 to 9 as well as all levels).


Author(s) : Onetastic ★, Chris K.Y. FUNG
Category : Outlining
Last Updated : June 20, 2024
Requirements : OneNote 2010 or above
Screenshot :

Expand/Collapse Outlines

* Collapse = 1
or use default shortcut key ALT+SHIFT+ [1-0]
Changelog :

June 20, 2024 (A48F55) - Onetastic ★
Fixed an issue where macro would run forever with the toggle option

June 19, 2016 (13FC1A) - Chris K.Y. FUNG
Automatically upgraded to the new Macro Language

These versions are no longer supported:

July 22, 2014 - Chris K.Y. FUNG
Initial version


Muhammad Ahmad Al-Salman - 2023-11-11

can someone elucidate more about his macro.
Its execution is not clear.

I am trying to maximize my productivity with macros; nevertheless, not all are elucidated properly.

Some have links to videos, which is the best; otherwise, it is a matter of trial and error.

Which part of OneNote is referred to as "Outline", so that it can be collapsed or expanded?

I am aware of the "collapse parent"

Dan - 2017-01-22
Thank you Omer,
it worked  :)
Omer Atay - 2017-01-21
Dan: You need to also set $OutLine.sizeSetByUser = true for the width to stick. Otherwise OneNote will revert the width to a size that it calculates.