Rename Current Section

Renames the current OneNote section per DialogBox user input. // Get the current section $Section = GetCurrentSection() // Create a dialog box $DialogBox = DialogBox_Create("Rename Section", "Set the new section name:") // Add a text box to the dialog box DialogBox_AddTextBox($DialogBox, "New Section Name:", "txtSectionName", "", true) // Show the dialog box DialogBox_Show($DialogBox) // Get the value entered by the user $NewName = $DialogBox.controls["txtSectionName"] // Rename the section $ = $NewName --code generated using Microsoft Copilot, slight human editing by Michael Steger


Author(s) : Michael Steger
Category : Calendar
Last Updated : March 29, 2024
Requirements : OneNote 2010 or above
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Rename Current Section

Set the new section name:
Set the new section name:
Changelog :

March 29, 2024 (B9E82C) - Michael Steger
Initial Version