Select Text With Similar Formatting

Selects all the text in the current page with similar formatting to the currently selected text


Author(s) : Onetastic ★
Category : Formatting
Last Updated : June 20, 2016
Requirements : OneNote 2010 or above
Changelog :

June 20, 2016 (2E41C5) - Onetastic ★
Re-written with the new Macro Language to take advantage of cleaner syntax and performance improvements

These versions are no longer supported:

April 05, 2014 - Onetastic ★
Initial version


Omer Atay - 2015-08-18
If you are trying to make specific changes to all instances, you can just make the change in the macro. See how search & replace macro replaces the text across pages/sections/notebooks. You need something like:
For each Text in CurrentSection
  That hasProp(...) << Find specific text like how this macro does either based on value or based on formatting properties
  Modify property(...) << Change specific properties as you want
Dynath - 2015-08-18
Fair enough. That explains why my modifications to the script didn't work.
Is it possible to search for text with similar formatting and cycle through the text so that I can make changes to said formatting?  I have 1200 pages I'd rather not manually hunt through to change text formatting on.
Omer Atay - 2015-08-18
Dynath: In OneNote you can't select text from a page that is not opened on the screen.