First-line indent

<p>Set a first-line indent of each paragraph. However, it ignores the following cases.</p><li>Paragraph in the table</li><li>bulleted paragraph</li><li>numbered paragraph</li><li>blank paragraph</li><li>paragraph other than default style is set</li><li>"center" or "right" alignment is set.</li><p>If you want to change the default value of each setting, please edit the macro.</p>


Author(s) : zpp_jp
Category : Formatting
Last Updated : September 11, 2016
Requirements : OneNote 2010 or above
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First-line indent

~ value decided at runtime ~
~ value decided at runtime ~
Changelog :

September 11, 2016 (0E050B) - zpp_jp
Initial Version


Sparks In Texas - 2017-01-05
Any chance you'll ever write the opposite and produce a hanging first line?