Recent Pages (many options)

Displays a summary page of recent pages in current section/section group/notebook or all notebooks. Dialog box for how many days back to look, create/modified date, max #pages, days wanted, ascending/descending, other stuff. FUTURE DIRECTIONS: preserve page.subpage/subsubpage groups, etc.


Author(s) : Sticky
Category : History
Last Updated : December 04, 2018
Requirements : OneNote 2010 or above
Screenshot :

Recent Pages (many options)

Number of Pages to Display
Days Wanted Type
Date/Time Type
Sort Order
Display CM Dates
Group by paths (Little-Endian): Section < ... Notebook
Display page indentation (TBD: no page groups yet)
Changelog :

December 04, 2018 (2AF08E) - Sticky
Initial Version


Sticky - 2018-12-23
Thanks to whoever edited this macro (that I uploaded, derived from similar macros in Macroland), apparently to remove some control character crap, and also to tweak the dialog formatting.

BTW: who edited it?  Omer Atay, Mr. Onetastic?

Q: Do y'all have some version control system?  E.g. are y'all on github or the like? I had to download and diff the XML and human readable code to see what the change was.  Quite a hassle with the macro editor.

Q: any idea why the stuff I uploaded had "control character crap" in it?  M-bM-sp, hex 0xC2 0xA0, or 302 240 octal? Looks like unicode U+00A0 Non-Breaking space.    IIRC I used only the standard Onetastic macro editor, I didn't edit the XML outside and then reimport it.

I neglected to keep versions as I derived this - so I suppose it is possible that the code that I started with had the unicode character in it.