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Expand/Collapse Outlines
Toggle Expand/Collapse, or expand to the selected outlines to the chosen level (Level 1 to 9 as well as all levels).
Collapse Pages in Current Section
Collapse all pages in the current Section
Section fonts to Bruneii
All fonts in current section change to Calibri. Titles to Calibri Light, font size 20. Texts to Calibri, font size 11.
Current Location - Popup Message
Presents a dialog box displaying the full hierarchical location of the current page.
Create Section Groups from list of titles
Creates section groups in the current notebook (or section group) from a given list of titles separated by semicolon (;)
All Section Font Arial Black, Size14; Spaced 0 Before, 9 After
All fonts change to Arial black size 14 , Titles to Size 20, Paragraph spacing 0 before, 9 after
All Page Font Arial Size 14
All fonts change to Arial size 14, Titles to Font Size 20. 1 page effect
Create Index Page
Creates a new page with a category index at the top where each category is a hyperlink to sections below. Categories are comma delimited lists of strings (i.e "A,B,C,D,E", "Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday", "⭐,⚡,❓", etc.). An index page can serve as a repository for notes that need to be filed by category.
Use sum, average, etc. functions on tables. Select a cell, a column or a row to apply the functions.
Rename Current Section
Renames the current OneNote section per DialogBox user input. // Get the current section $Section = GetCurrentSection() // Create a dialog box $DialogBox = DialogBox_Create("Rename Section", "Set the new section name:") // Add a text box to the dialog box DialogBox_AddTextBox($DialogBox, "New Section Name:", "txtSectionName", "", true) // Show the dialog box DialogBox_Show($DialogBox) // Get the value entered by the user $NewName = $DialogBox.controls["txtSectionName"] // Rename the section $ = $NewName --code generated using Microsoft Copilot, slight human editing by Michael Steger
Proofing Language Text -> Irish (IE)
Sets the proofing language on selected text to Irish (ga-IE)
Text to Code
Converts selected text into Code table with line number and font 'Consolas' .
Text To Code V1.1
Takes code pasted from an IDE and makes a code like block, preserving color and disabling the spell check.
Diary Pages
Create a page for each day in the selected month with date of the day as the title
Monthly Calendar With Task List
Creates a monthly calendar with task list for each day
Resize selected images 80%
Resize selected images 80% in a page.
Sets Style (header levels) based on indenting performed when notes were taken.
Insert YYYY년MM월DD일W요일
Insert YYYY년 MM월 DD일 W요일
Auto Generate Links to Pages
Automatically creates hyperlinks on any text that matches a page title within the selected pages, all pages in the current section, or current notebook
Changes text font to BLACK
TOC in Current Page
Creates a table of contents from heading in the current page and inserts at the top of the page. Optionally it adds "Back to Top" links to the headings.
Insert Monthly Calendar
Inserts a calendar of the selected month and year
Set Page Titles
Sets the titles of each page in the current section to the values in the given semicolon-separated text
Copy Pages to ClassNotebook by Student
Will distribute app generated Pages to specific student sections in a ClassNotebook. Titles of the generated Pages must be in the format ClassNotebookNickname/StudentSection/Section/ActualTitleofPage I have used PowerAutomate to create generated OneNote Pages (as outlined here: ) but any process to create Pages is fine so long as the Page Title is as given. The functions providing distribution of the actual Pages, recently updated to include Images and Files, come from Omer Atay, with appreciation.
Paragraph Spacing = 20
Sets paragraph spacing to "20"
Add icon to page title
Adds an icon (emoji) to the front of the title, for easy reference of page type. For example, use "✉" as the first character to easily identify pages created from emails.
Expand/Collapse All Outlines
Collapse/expand all lists in the current page at the same time.
Show E-mail Addresses
Adds e-mail addresses to mailto: links. Can be used to display e-mail addresses on meeting details pages
Reverse Images
Reverses order of images vertically. Useful if a printout is printed in the reverse order.
Take Images out of Text Box
Some Macros will not work when an Image is in a Text Box. (ie. Moving, setting as background, etc.) This Macro takes all images in Text Boxes and copies them so that they are no longer in a text box. Maintains approximate position on page
Copy Current Page to Other Notebooks
Copies current page to other notebooks. You can select one or more target notebooks, or pick all notebooks.
Search & Highlight
Search text in the current page, section or notebook and highlight with the selected color
Increase Font Size
Increases font size of all text on the page by 1
Decrease Font Size
Decreases font size of all text on the page by 1
Box Drawing
Converts a box drawn with +, -, and | characters into one drawn with Unicode box drawing characters. Can convert back and forth from 5 different formats.
Search & Replace
Search and replace text in the current page, section or notebook
Clear Table
Clear all cells in the selected table
1-inch Rule Lines
Adds 1-inch vertical and horizontal gray rule lines to the current page
Change Font in Selected Scope
Change text and title font and size in the current page, section, section group, notebook or all notebooks.
Insert Post-It
Inserts a post-it to the cursor position
Text Snippets
Store commonly used text snippets and insert them when you need
Changes title of each page in the current section to date of its creation
Changes title of each page in the current section to date of its creation
Tag Summary for Specific Tag
Creates a tag summary page for a specific tag. Up to three tags can be specified to find paragraphs that contain all those tags together or at least one of them
To-Do List with Section and Page Names
Small tweaks to Onetastic, RobertC, Sako73 version. Output modified to group by section group and tag type. Creates a page at the top of the section that lists all un-checked To-do tags. It is titled "TO-DO List (yyyy-mm-dd h:mm)".
Insert Horizontal Line
Inserts a horizontal line
Insert New Doku Page
Inserts a new Doku Page
To-Do List with Section and Page Names
Creates a page at the top of the section that lists all un-checked To-do tags. It is titled "TO-DO List (yyyy-mm-dd h:mm)".
All Section Font Corbel Light
All fonts change to Corbel Light, Titles to Font Size 20, Dark Grey Text,
Tag Created + Completed
Displays the creation and completion date/time of the To Do tag on the selected paragraph
Search & Select
Select search terms in the current page
Show Ink Anchors
Display the anchors of the currently selected ink shape for line shapes (arrows). Latest version of OneNote does not show ink anchors to move the ends of line shapes.
Word Count
Displays the number of words and characters on the page
Prepend Creation Date to Title
Prepends create date *yyyy-mm-dd* to tite if it does not exist
Window Manager
Save sets of OneNote windows and reopen them later
Sort Selected Paragraphs
Sorts selected paragraphs or list items
Prepend Custom Creation Date to Title (' ddd)
Prepend create date "' ddd" to title
Sample - Insert All Bullet Types
Insert all possible bullet types on a new page
Date as page serial number
Insert pg. s/n YYYYMMDDMMSS
TOC in Current Section
Creates a new page with table of contents of the current section
TOC in Current Notebook
Creates or updates table of contents of the current notebook
TOC in Current Subpages
Creates a table of contents of the current page subpages
Sort Pages by Date
Sorts pages in current section or notebook by created or last modified date
Sort Pages
Sort pages in current section or notebook by name, sub pages stay under their parent pages and sorted among themselves
Attachment List
Creates a list of attachment filenames in current section, section group or notebook. Provides page names and links back to the page and the embedded files.
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