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Text Snippets
Store commonly used text snippets and insert them when you need
Sample - Insert All Bullet Types
Insert all possible bullet types on a new page
Date as page serial number
Insert pg. s/n YYYYMMDDMMSS
TOC in Current Section
Creates a new page with table of contents of the current section
TOC in Current Notebook
Creates or updates table of contents of the current notebook
TOC in Current Subpages
Creates a table of contents of the current page subpages
Sort Pages by Date
Sorts pages in current section or notebook by created or last modified date
Sort Pages
Sort pages in current section or notebook by name, sub pages stay under their parent pages and sorted among themselves
Attachment List
Creates a list of attachment filenames in current section, section group or notebook. Provides page names and links back to the page and the embedded files.
Indent First Line
Indents first line of each paragraph in Current Page or Current Section, ignoring the following cases: Paragraph in the table, bulleted paragraph, numbered paragraph, blank paragraph, paragraph other than default style is set, "center" or "right" alignment is set.
Add Footnote
Adds a footnote to the bottom of the page and links the current cursor position with the footnote. If there is any text selected, it is moved to the footnote
Insert Formatted Date
Inserts a selected date in the selected format
A4 Paper Boundaries
Adds lines to the page to show A4 paper boundaries
Insert One Cell Table
Insert a single celled table in an outline.
Convert File Paths to Hyperlink
Adds a file:// hyperlink to selected paragraphs which must contain a file path. E.g. if a selected paragraph contains c:\test.txt, it will convert this to a hyperlink to file:///c:\test.txt
TOC in Current Page
Creates a table of contents from heading in the current page and inserts at the top of the page. Optionally it adds "Back to Top" links to the headings.
Number of Pages
Displays number of pages in current Section/Section Group/Notebook/All Notebooks (Excludes Recycle Bin)
Sort Sections
Sort each section in current section group alphabetically by name
Sort Notebooks
Sort notebooks alphabetically by name
Search & Replace
Search and replace text in the current page, section or notebook
Tag Summary for Specific Tag
Creates a tag summary page for a specific tag. Up to three tags can be specified to find paragraphs that contain all those tags together or at least one of them
Box Drawing
Converts a box drawn with +, -, and | characters into one drawn with Unicode box drawing characters. Can convert back and forth from 5 different formats.
Use sum, average, etc. functions on tables. Select a cell, a column or a row to apply the functions.
Insert Monthly Calendar
Inserts a calendar of the selected month and year
No Spell Check
Removes spell check (red squiggles) from selected text
Daily Planner Page
Planner with Task List and a Daily Notes page. This can create a single page with for the selected day or a number of pages for each day in the selected range.
tag un/completed sort,created/completed date entry
This Macro sorts the tags in Completed and uncompleted order. It also appends created date and Completed date in the end.
Auto-fills selected table cells using data from the first few selected cells
Resize Images by Pixels
Resizes all images and printouts in the current page to a specified pixel size.
Insert Time Last Modified (ISO format date and 24h)
For each outline in the current page inserts the last modified date/time as YY-MM-DD (ISO 8061 format) HH:MM in 24 hours format (no "at" or "pm" suffix)
Insert Time Last Modified (ISO format date)
Inserts the last modified date/time as YY-MM-DD (ISO 8061 format) HH:MMpm for each outline in the current page
Undim Tags
Undims tags on the current page, section, section group, notebook or all notebooks, so that they show up in tag search results
Page and Title modifier for imported Outlook Emails
This macro works for e-mails imported in OneNote from Outlook only. The user prompt is in french. What it does is set the OneNote page date to the one of the e-mail within it. Added to that, it also changes the title of the page by adding the date of the e-mail at the beginning of it and add a few glyphs showing that it's an e-mail, if there are any attachments and finally if the e-mail was sent or received. The macro handles dates in german, french and italian.
Insert Yearly Calendar
Inserts a calendar of the selected year
Set Column Widths
Sets the column width of the selected table on the current page to the specified value.
Auto Generate Links to Pages
Automatically creates hyperlinks on any text that matches a page title within the section
Text to Table
Converts selected text into table
Paragraph Spacing = 3
Sets paragraph spacing to "0" spaceBefore, "7" spaceAfter, and "0" spaceBetween.
Set Table Colors
Set selected Table Shade for Odd and Even Lines
Remove Footnote
Removes the selected footnote and associated links
Sort Sections by Last Modified
Sort sections of a notebook based on when they were last modified. Most recent sections are shown first.
Make Blank Annual Journal
Select any year between 2013 and 2028 and this macro wil create a Journal for you. Each month is a section, and each month has a page per day, There is also a calendar tab that you can use the "Insert Calendar" macro to fill (I may later extend the macro to do that automatically, and also remove the New Section that is created when you open a new notebook). Future years extensions are a matter of adding a handful of new statements in the macro, but everything in OneNote may have changed by then, so I'll defer that one for now.
Insert Yearly Calendar 3 x 4
Inserts a yearly calender, 3 months per row x 4 rows. Based on "Insert Monthly Calendar" by Omer Atay.
Add URL to label of links
For each link in selected scope, adds its URL to the display text
Create Page With Completed Tag Summary
Creates a tag summary page at the end of the section(s) selected for all completed tags. The page name that the tag was on is included in the summary list.
Spell Check off for Courier - Page
Turns Spell Check off for any text in the open page with the Courier New font.
Spell Check off for Courier - Notebook
Turns Spell Check off for any text in the open notebook with the Courier New font.
ALL Page Titles -> Calibri 20
Updates the Titles of ALL Pages in ALL Sections of the Current Notebook to Calibri 20 to match the OneNote 2019 title style.
Dark grey background with green font
Give a single page dark grey background and change the fonts to green
Insert Date Updated
Insert "Updated: at the cursor position.
Set Font 나눔고딕 11
All fonts in current page change to 나눔고딕 size 11
Insert YYYYMMDD - Long Date as Title
Insert YYYYMMDD - Long Date as Title, eg ... 20210913 - Monday, 13 September 2021 (based on other macros, thanks to Insert ISO yyyymmdd - at the beginning of the page and insert long date macros)
Proofing Language -> Ukrainian (UA)
Sets the proofing language on selected text to Ukrainian (UA)
Link Text on Page to Page Titles in Selected Section
Macro that allows you to link text on a page to a selected section's pages with matching page names
Show Month
This macro will insert a month calendar for the specified month. The events are the titles of pages form one or two sections in the same notebook, based on the creation time for the page. A page whose title has a tag will show the tag instead of the time. Each calendar event links to the relevant page.
Paragraph Spacing = 9
Sets paragraph spacing to "0" spaceBefore, "0" spaceAfter, and "9" spaceBetween.
Gather TO-DO tags on new page with description, links and creation date
Creates a page at the top of the section that lists all un-checked To-do tags. It is titled "TO-DO".
Proofing Language Page -> German (AT)
Sets the proofing language on selected page to Austrian German
Insert page create short format date time at selection, cursor
Insert page create short format date time at selection/cursor (' ddd)
个人用onenote自动转为markdown格式的宏 1.缩进用“   ” 2.表格不会被缩进影响 3.加粗字体转为md格式 4.字体颜色用font标签标记
Rosa Cor de pele
Define o Background da página como rosa cor de pele.
Simple 365 days
create 365 pages Month = Section
Rainbow your notebooks and sections
This macro will color all your notebooks and sections as a rainbow. Feel free to enter the macro and modify the color array (also the if statements)
Custom Java Display Code
Converts the selected highlighted text. Reformats it with line numbering and code background highlightin.
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