Sort Pages By Date

Description : Sorts pages in current section or notebook by created or last modified date


Author(s) : Omer Atay
Category : Sort
Last Updated : November 24, 2021
Requirements : OneNote 2010 or above
Screenshot :

Sort Pages By Date

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Changelog :

November 24, 2021 (6FE2F1) - Omer Atay
Added option to sort only the selected pages in the current section

June 25, 2020 (B2D86E) - Omer Atay
Added option to keep the page/subpage hierarchy

February 23, 2018 (432BF4) - Omer Atay
Now remembers the options on the dialog box next time it is executed

January 22, 2017 (805A53) - Omer Atay
Fixed an issue where the macro would sort pages in all sections in the current notebook even though Current Section was selected as the scope

December 24, 2016 (D478C8) - Omer Atay
Added option to run the macro in all sections of the current notebook

June 20, 2016 (F0F5F1) - Omer Atay
Re-written with the new Macro Language to take advantage of cleaner syntax and performance improvements

These versions are no longer supported:

May 24, 2014 - Omer Atay
Initial version


Neil Alcorn - 2020-07-06
Thank you very much!  I am switching over from Evernote and this was one of the features I needed in OneNote.  Sadly not built into their product, grateful for your work here :)
Omer Atay - 2019-02-03
CoDi: Have you tried this macro:
CoDi - 2018-06-08
This doesnt keep subpages with there parent page. I think that needs fixed ASAP