Window Manager

Save sets of OneNote windows and reopen them later


Author(s) : Onetastic ★
Category : Windows
Last Updated : February 19, 2023
Requirements : OneNote 2010 or above
Watch this short video to learn more about this macro
Screenshot :

Window Manager

You can save the currently open set of windows to be opened later, or you can open one of the previously saved set of windows.
Changelog :

February 19, 2023 (EBEB84) - Onetastic ★
Fixed an issue when macro is run without any parameters

February 18, 2023 (618F7C) - Onetastic ★
Fixed minor bugs

February 18, 2023 (B186C7) - Onetastic ★
Initial Version


grant spoon - 2023-06-06
Just renewed my license just for this, Works well. One Request. Can you have the option to remember window position? Would be useful for side by side windows.

Also related. Is it possible to create this in OneCalendar?
Right click on item link, pop up to open item in new window.

Doing some good things with this program and OneNote is becoming my go to tool for note taking. Eager to explore the new macros you have.
Doug Blumanhourst - 2023-04-13
This is one of the coolest tools I've found in a long time!  If you are considering suggestions for future releases, I'd like to suggest one.  It would make this tool killer if you could schedule saves, so that every so many days or hours, it would just do it.  I know that brings up questions like naming.  I would name it by date/time, perhaps number of windows, i.e 041323 1040 4.  Maybe a max number before auto-deleting the oldest one?  

Whether you do anything more with this or not, it is awesome.  Thank you!
Brad - 2023-02-22
This is great!
Could there be an option to keep the currently open windows when opening a previously saved set?
At the moment, windows that are already open are closed when a saved set is opened.  When selected this new option would open the saved set into new windows in addition to any existing windows that are open.