Onetastic Update 5.2.0

August 14, 2022

An update to Onetastic adds auto save and recovery options to Macro Editor, a new data store function and includes other minor improvements and bug fixes.

Auto-Save and Recovery

Macro Editor now has two options to prevent loss of changes made to macros: Auto-save and auto-recovery. Auto-save will automatically save macros as you make edits. This way you will not need to click Save button. Auto-save is not enabled for a new macro or a newly imported macro until you manually save them for the first time.

Auto-recovery will recover any unsaved macro in case of a program crash. When you open OneNote next time after such an occasion, Onetastic will automatically open the recovered macro and you will be able to save it.

Auto-save and auto-recovery options can be configured from Tools > Options menu in Macro Editor.

Macro Editor Options

You also have an option to display the current auto-save and recovery state on the title bar:

Title Bar

Auto-save and recovery options are available to Onetastic Dev license users.

New function LocalStore_Delete

There is a new addition to the data store functions LocalStore_Read and LocalStore_Write. The new function LocalStore_Delete can remove a value previously stored by LocalStore_Write function.

You can also manually clear the storage for a macro using Object Browser, by right clicking on Local Storage:

Clear local storage

Other improvements and fixes

This latest update to Onetastic also includes the following improvements and fixes:


RC - 2022-08-25
One note 2016 draw function has stopped working since August 2022 update.  Is this a known issue and if so is there a fix?  Draw function using mouse not pen.
Bryan deSilva - 2022-08-23
Is there any way to code an export from Onenote pages/sections to markdown files?
Onetastic - 2022-08-17
Julie: Dark mode was added a while back but didn't work on certain Office themes like Dark gray. We made a small update to turn on dark mode in this mode. See more at this post about dark mode support for Onetastic:

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