HTML Import and New Printout Options for Batch File Import

August 04, 2022

Onetastic Batch File Import tool just got an update with HTML import support and new printout options.

HTML Import

You can now import HTML files into OneNote and Batch File Import will convert the contents of HTML files into OneNote page content. You can simply drag and drop HTML files into Batch File Import and choose the option to Insert file content and the import process will do the rest. You can still import them as attachments if you like.

New Printout Option

Batch File Import tool can import PDF, Word and PowerPoint files as printouts into OneNote. Before this update, you had the option to have each file printed into a single OneNote page, however sometimes it is desirable to have each printout page to be imported into a separate OneNote page. Especially with printouts with large number of pages, having each printout page printed into a separate OneNote page would make it easier to jump to a specific page. To enable this option, simply choose the new Insert each printout page into a separate page option.

Import Settings

Batch File Import tool automatically checks for updates. If you want to get the latest version now, you can click on Help > Check for Updates.



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