Update for Onetastic with Bug Fixes

October 31, 2017

Onetastic version 3.7.1 is available with several bug fixes. Also several macros in Macroland has been updated with improvements and many new macros are added since the last update.

Bug Fixes

Onetastic keeps getting unloaded every time OneNote is started

Under certain cases, Onetastic was getting disabled and user would have to manually enable from File > Options > Add-ins. This is now fixed and once you enable Onetastic or install it again, it will stay enabled next time.

Macro dialogs don't show up centered on the parent window

This was happening mostly on multi-monitor setups but could happen in a single monitor computer as well if OneNote window was slightly off screen. This is now updated such that Macro dialogs will always be centered on the visible portion of the OneNote window.

After cropping a large image, it doesn't display correctly on OneNote Online

This was due to a bug in OneNote where if you crop a very large image to a very small size, OneNote Online would still display the old image in the new size. This is now fixed by completely removing the image and re-inserting the cropped image in its place.

Macros don't work on pages with certain ink connector drawings

This was due to an issue in OneNote where certain ink connectors that connect ink shapes would cause the page to be corrupt. Onetastic now fixes this automatically and Macros will work fine in such pages.

Error messages

Many error messages related to downloading and installing macros are updated to give more information about what happened and how to resolve them.

Updates on the Website

Several updates on this website is now deployed:

Login using product key

If you don't have an account on Onetastic website, but you have a Pro license, you can now use your product key to login, instead of creating a password.

License activation details and expiration info

You can now better track which computers you have activated a license and revoke any of them if you no longer use it. You can also see the details of when you purchased a license and when it will expire.

Ability to renew licenses

You can now renew your license if it is past one year of purchase to allow downloading newest macros. Previously you would have to purchase a new license and update your product key on your computer.

Macro Updates

Following macros in Macroland are updated:

Resize Images

Fixed an issue where macro can fail if an image is under an indented paragraph or a table and added a checkbox that allows user to simply fill out width ratio and use same value for height (keep aspect ratio)

Weekly Planner

Added options to add checkboxes and two column layout

Attachment List

Added options to run the macro under Current Section, Current Section Group, Current Notebook, All Notebooks or Selected Pages in Current Section

Tag Summary with Page Names

Updated to skip deleted pages

Tag Summary for Specific Tag

Fixed an issue where it would not correctly list out unchecked (or checked) tags

Sort Sections

Added option to sort all sections in a notebook rather than just the current section group

New Macros

Several new macros have been added to Macroland since the last update. Check them out:

Add Date before Title (yy/mm/yy)

Modifies the page title to add the date in yy/mm/yy format

Resize Images Android

Resizes each image to good size for Android app

Proofing Language Page -> Croatian (Hr)

Sets the proofing language on selected page to Croatian (Hr)

Proofing Language Text -> Croatian (Hr)

Sets the proofing language on selected text to Croatian (Hr)

Append Desired Text to All Page Titles

Appends given text to all page titles in either the current notebook or all notebooks

Insert HH:MM:SS Time Stamp

Inserts a HH:MM:SS time stamp on the page

TOC in Current Section Group

Creates a new page with table of contents of the current section group

Black Text

Converts existing text to black


Omer Atay - 2018-03-07
webbwr: Please e-mail support@getonetastic.com to troubleshoot
webbwr - 2018-03-07
The current Onetastic macro add-in does not work with current office 365 insiders build - add in not able to be activated "invalid DLL"
Anonymous - 2017-12-24
cannot open onecalendar after install the onetastic

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