All Your Onetastic Options in One Place

October 15, 2022

Onetastic update 5.4.0 brings various options and settings of Onetastic in one place, allowing you to easily manage them. The new Onetastic Options dialog can be accessed from Tools and Settings menu:

Tools and Settings menu

Onetastic Options

Here you can manage which features of Onetastic to be displayed in the ribbon. If you aren't using some of the Onetastic features, you can remove them from the ribbon by unchecking them here, saving space on your ribbon.

You can also manage your Macro Editor settings, your update notification settings and your license settings in this dialog, all of which were available previously but are now together in this dialog.

New Date/Time Functions

This update also adds new date/time functions that make it easy to create date/time values and perform arithmetic operations on them:

Other Fixes and Improvements

In addition to new options dialog and date/time functions, this update contains a number of other improvements and fixes:


Fernandes - 2022-10-29
Como posso usar o Onetastic para extrair dados de paginas do OneNote para planilhas excel ou o inverso..
Onetastic ★ - 2022-10-16
Barnoli, Onetastic does not contain any malware. Sometimes antivirus programs have false positives.
Barnoli - 2022-10-16
Malwarebytes just reported Onetastic as a malware threat?

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