Edit your macros easily with Search & Replace in Macro Editor

August 29, 2021

Macro Editor now has support for search and replace functionality with the latest update to Onetastic. It is very similar to search and replace in other editors with support for searching forward or backward, replacing next occurrence of a search term or all occurrences, matching case or whole word search. It can scope the search to selection or the current function.

Search and Replace in Macro Editor

You can use Edit menu, Search toolbar button or the keyboard shortcuts to bring the Search and Replace UI:

Search and Replace entry points in Macro Editor

Each button in the search and replace UI is explained below:

Search and Replace UI

Ability to quickly find and replace variable or function names in your macros will make it much easier to edit existing macros and develop new ones.


Omer Atay - 2021-11-18
Henry: Please update to latest version. If you are using standalone OneCalendar, download its latest version (1.17.7). If you are using it as part of Onetastic, please download latest Onetastic (4.8.0)
Henry Schaumburger - 2021-11-18
OneCalendar consistently shows new and edited documents in the wrong day. They are all ahead by one day even though the date/time is correct on my PC. How can I correct this? Thank you. I am using OneCalendar 1.17.6.
Imagineer44 - 2021-11-17
Thanks, Omer - I'll try it again. Can't live without those macros!

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