Combo Box Support for Macro Dialogs

January 18, 2021

A Onetastic update adds a new function DialogBox_AddComboBox to the Macro Language. This allows creating dialog boxes with combo boxes which has a list of selectable options like dropdown boxes but also acts as a textbox for free form entry. An example usage for this is in Search and Replace macro where the search and replacement terms were previously entered into a text box. Now these could be a combo box from which a list of previously entered values can be used to quickly enter the search and replacement terms:

Search and Replace macro screenshot

Search and Replace macro now stores 20 most recently used search and replacement terms in Local Storage to make searches a bit easier.

In addition, this update comes with bug fixes in Macro Editor, installation, and improves user experience when a macro fails with an error.


彭明辉 - 2021-04-23
Chuck7 - 2021-03-29
The Reason I am Testing– And Will Purchase– Onetastic, is the "Custom-Styles" Macro::
I JUST installed Onetastic, & instantly tested the "Custom Styles" Macro by ATTEMPTING to Edit _ANY_ style.  The Dialog Box For Editing Any Style is Totally GRAYED OUT — Permitting ZERO Edit!!
1• Click:  "Custom Styles" Icon;
2• Click:  "Manage Custom Styles";
3• Result:  EVERY Checkbox is Grayed Out—Zero Editing Possible.

{{Furthermore—And this May be Unrelated—When I Click the Button "Download Macros," it Reports:: "Zero Macros Installed."}}

Could someone please tell me how to make "Manage Custom Styles" NON-Grayed-Out?
Tor Henrik Mikkelsgård - 2021-03-22
Couild anyone make a macro so that i could merge cells in a table in onenote

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