Import/Export Macros and New View Options

March 22, 2019

An update to Onetastic is available with support for importing/exporting macros and some new view options.


You might want to export some of your macros, especially the ones you are developing for backup purposes, and later import them into Onetastic. You can now use File>Import/Export options to do this:

New View Options

If you are proficient in using keyboard shortcuts, you may find that insert statement buttons on the left and the up/down buttons on the right are taking unnecessary space and reducing the available space for the code itself. Now you can remove them from the UI by the new options under View menu. Object Browser toggle button is also relocated to the View menu:

Macro Language Update

A small addition to the Macro Language is also in this update. You can now directly access the content of a paragraph using the content property. This is especially useful for paragraphs that contain a Table, Image or Embedded File. In the past you could access the content if it is text using text and texts properties, but if a paragraph contains a table, you would have to use QueryObjects function to find it. Now you can just do $paragraph->content and get the Table object. Use contentType property to check for the type of the content before you access the content property.


Omer Atay - 2019-04-13
Johan - 2019-04-13
When I use the "TOC in Current Page" macro it changes the bullets in my bulleted lists on the page to big and bold bullets. Is anyone else experiencing this? Is it a bug? How may I report bugs or issues like this?
Hugo Breakey - 2019-04-07
Hi, I'm trying to find a macro that will allow me to scroll through  'highlights' drawn over the top of a pdf printout? Any ideas would be much appreciated.


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