Edit your Custom Styles

and Dark Mode Support for OneCalendar

October 30, 2022

Onetastic 5.5.0 update allows editing your custom styles to fine tune them. It also comes with new dark mode support for OneCalendar.

Editing a Custom Style

Onetastic has the ability to create custom styles to supplement the fixed set of built-in styles that come with OneNote. Prior to this update, you could create a custom style from selected text in OneNote, but you couldn't edit the formatting, paragraph and font properties of a custom style once it is created. With this new update, you can edit every detail of a custom style by clicking on the button in Manage Custom Styles dialog:

Manage Custom Styles Dialog

Once you click on the button, the controls in the dialog will be enabled and you can change the style as you want, like changing the font to Arial and color to red:

Editing a style

As before, you can use the checkboxes to choose which properties should be part of your style. Properties that aren't part of a style won't be affected when the style is applied to a piece of text.

Once you are happy with your changes, use the button to save it. You can then select another style to modify. If you want to revert your changes, use the button.

Dark mode support for OneCalendar

As part of this update OneCalendar gets dark mode support like the rest of Onetastic user interface. To switch to the dark mode, click on the theme button OneCalendar theme button on the main window or choose it in the Theme section in the settings window:

OneCalendar Theme Settings

Here is how OneCalendar looks like in dark mode:

OneCalendar dark mode


Ability to edit custom styles and dark mode in OneCalendar features are available to users with an active Onetastic Pro or Dev subscription.


Milica - 2023-06-09
Hey, in the free version and OneNote 2010, when you click Manage styles or try to add new style, it reports an error "Onetastic encountered a problem" and it never works.
Can you help? This is the reason why I installed this add-on...
GGP - 2022-11-06
Pls german language for onetastic :)
TX.Aggie.TPM - 2022-11-04
Would love to see a Macro that cleans out the Zoom invite box that appears when you are in Outlook and capture the meeting invite to OneNote and have been using Zoom.

Many corporate types would love to clean up their OneNote meeting notes this way!

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