Batch Import Your Files to OneNote

March 24, 2022

Onetastic 5.0 is available with a nifty new tool that can batch import files, images, text, documents, slide decks into OneNote. It is a powerful utility that can import folders recursively and it comes with an intuitive user interface with multiple options to decide how the files should be imported. You can import files as attachments, you can choose to import their content (PDF, Word, PowerPoint, text or images), you can even insert the original path they were inserted from. You can choose to insert multiple files into same OneNote page or you can insert each file into a separate page. You can enjoy all these with your Onetastic Pro or Dev license. You will find the Batch File Import tool in OneNote Home ribbon tab next to OneCalendar.

You can find more information about this new tool here: Batch File Import

Onetastic Batch File Import

Your Onetastic 4.x licenses will continue to work with Onetastic 5.0. Onetastic Batch File Import requires an active Onetastic Pro or Dev license.


Trin.K - 2023-09-03
the add-ins is not display in my Onenote.  what should do?
Chris C - 2022-06-08
When importing current files, long printouts are printed to multiple pages. This makes referencing specific pages extremely useful. Is it possible to get Batch import to print in a similar manner? From what I currently see, each file goes to a separate page, which doesn't allow me to reference each page within the document.

Thank you.
yuval - 2022-05-22

Thanks for the software!

I'd like to see an ability to import HTML files into ON pages.

Y. W.

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