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Macros by: OmnesPotens

Change Text ColorColor

by OmnesPotens, Omer Atay

Change color of all instances of text within the given scope that match the given inputs. Required Inputs: hex code of desired color, Scope, Case sensitivity Optional Inputs: Text to Color, Target Font Name, Target Font Size, Various filters NOTE...

Last Updated: April 07, 2018

Change Text Color

Target Text to Color
Desired Color
Target Font Name
Target Font Size

Add Hyperlink to TextHyperlink

by OmnesPotens

Search for instances of given text and add the given hyperlink to them assuming their font size is less than the given limit. NOTE: If you want to link to the non-web version of OneNote you must copy the hyperlink from the object you want to link to,...

Last Updated: April 04, 2018

Add Hyperlink to Text

Text to Add Link to
Object's Link
Font Size Limit
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