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Macros by: Unknown User

Distribute Columns
Distribute the width of the selected columns equally between them. This macros is similar to the command of the same name in Microsoft Word.
Uncheck All Todos in Cells
Uncheck all todos contained in cells. Useful if you have many todos on one page and some must not be unchecked. For example, if you have a weekly calendar with todos you must do each day, and separate todos that don't need to be done on a specific day. I put my daily todos in a table and the other todos outside of the table. This marco unchecks only the todos in the table (in cells).
Unlock Column Width
Unlock the column width of the selected columns so that their width adjusts automatically based on content.
Set Text Color
Changes text color to a three-pair RGB hexadecimal value where each pair is a 2 digit value between 00 (off) to FF (full intensity). For example, to change text to full intensity RGB red, one would enter FF0000. For full intensity green, one would enter 00FF00. For blue, one would enter 0000FF. Any RGB combinaison is thus possible.
Insert Line Before Headings
Insert a blank line before Heading 1, 2 and 3.
Count Selected Rows
Count the selected rows and shows the result in a message box.
Move Images to Upper Left
Moves images to upper left corner of page, under title.
Proofing Language -> French (CA)
Sets the proofing language on selected text to French (CA)
Sum Hours in Page Titles of Current Section
Sum hours contained in page titles of current section and display the total in a dialog box. Optionally, create a new page with a detailed report. Hours must be between parentheses and be at the end of the page title. For example: This is my page title (7.5)
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