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Show MonthCalendar

by Omer Atay, slm

This macro will draw a month calendar for the specified month. The events are the titles of pages form one or two sections in the same notebook, based on teh dateTime for the page. A page whose title has a tag will show the tag instead of the time. Each calendar event links to the relevant page

Last Updated: February 27, 2018

Show Month

Month Calendar
Use Section
Also Use Section



Hightlight selected text and insert comment about the text into a new tag. Comments will be visible when you hover the cursor over the tag symbol.

Change Tag Text


Change the text that appears when you hover over a tag. The new text have more than one line. Select anyplace in paragraph that contains the tag whose text your want to modify.

Obscure Toggle

Change Case

Convert Selected Text into other text based on key requested from user. Same process will convert back to original if same key is supplied. (This mimics the way Evernote encryptation works, but the algorithm here is quite weak. Note that spaces, quotation marks and control characters such as carriage returns are simply passed through.)

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