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Current version: 4.5.1
February 07, 2021

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    New in this version: Combo Box Support for Macro Dialogs

    January 18, 2021

    A Onetastic update adds a new function DialogBox_AddComboBox to the Macro Language. This allows creating dialog boxes with combo boxes which has a list of selectable options like dropdown boxes but also acts as a textbox for free form entry. An example usage for this is in Search and Replace macro where the search and replacement terms were previously entered into a text box. Now these could be a combo box from which a list of previously entered values can be used to quickly enter the search and replacement terms:

    Search and Replace macro screenshot

    Search and Replace macro now stores 20 most recently used search and replacement terms in Local Storage to make searches a bit easier.

    In addition, this update comes with bug fixes in Macro Editor, installation, and improves user experience when a macro fails with an error.


    ALT - 2021-02-27
    2nd Like=Length, because of how I posted it, these are 1 long post in reverse order.
    Microsofts Virus scan fails on the side of caution, meaning it prefers false positives over false negatives.
    ALT - 2021-02-27
    Ok, I had so many replies because it was blocking my post, I thought it was the length, but it was the length.
    I'll tell you how to do it yourself instead of the link.  Go to the VirusTotal website which is a dotcom.  drag the installer onto the check button.  Then go-to behavior.

    Or you can use the hash of my scan if you cant even download it.
    Hash:  Go to search and enter this:  Its the version I downloaded yesterday.  Or you can right-click the link here and paste it in under URL.  Basically do your own thing.  Microsoft is progressively adding more guard rails for most people, but sometimes you have to decide you understand the risks and proceed.
    ALT - 2021-02-27

    If you don't know what you're looking at, it says basically what you'd expect.  It's installing some files into a temp directory, reading a few Registry values, setting some benign ones, and adding some fonts, after that it runs a command script that runs the sub installers in the Temp file:  Onetastic Installer.exe OntUninst.exe MacroInstaller.exe and a single runtime: Onetastic.dll.

    The third program is the uninstaller for uninstalling and isn't run.  

    Notably, All 4 of these sub-programs (well 3 and a .dll which are chunks of programs anyone can use, but don't run on their own.  things like copy + paste for example) were scanned, and no detection algorithm picked up anything malicious.

    I suspect the reason this even triggers the one is that the program that you click isn't the one that runs and it runs silently.  But it's really much more of a self-extracting archive, and the extracted programs are the real installer.

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