What is Onetastic?

November 27, 2011

Onetastic is an add-in for Microsoft OneNote. It provides additional functionality that is commonly requested. I am developing it at my free time as a hobby. I love OneNote and I work as a developer at Microsoft OneNote team. Although OneNote is fantastic software, we cannot include every piece of functionality in it. In some sense, Onetastic is a way for me to prototype and play with the things that are possible with OneNote. So enjoy additional features and if you want to provide feedback, scroll to the bottom for the comment form or visit the contact page and drop me an e-mail.

Check out the home page for the features of Onetastic or the FAQ page for some troubleshooting help.


Omer Atay - 2018-12-18
Steven: See https://getonetastic.com/blog-onenote-win-10
Steven - 2018-12-18
What is the future of OneTastic now that Microsoft is no longer adding features to OneNote 2016? Is this the end of OneTastic?
Jack Wu - 2017-10-23
Microsoft MVP right here  :^)

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